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Soft Introduction size Download
Bluetooth setting software Bluetooth setting software and Bluetooth serial port Product Manuals 2MB Download
FXxx-485-BD manual Manual for FX2N/1N/3U-485/232/422/USB-BD interface of Mitsubishi, English. 1.5MB Download
SC-10 dial-up software MODEM Dial-up software for long-distance communication cable SC-10.DOS edition. 86KB Download
CP5611 manua Manual and the guide of setup and test for SIMMENS CP5611,both Chinese and English. 496KB Download
Drawings of PLC Cable Produce drawings of industrial cable such as Common PLC, touch screen. Chinese. 249KB Download
Drivers of Schneider PLC USB drivers of Schneider, UNI-TELWAY and MODBUS 45.7MB Download
Test software of serial ports Very good Test software of serial ports. The biggest baud rate is 115.2Kbps.chinese 180KB Download
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